Saturday, April 7, 2012

DISC Personality Test

I like to play around with comparing systems. So here is a personality test called DISC that has four categories, which I will compare to the 4 Types or Tones. Let's check it out.

D = Winter T4 or 3
I  = Spring T1?
S = Summer T2?
C = Autumn T3 or 4

D = Winter, Warrior, Driver, North 
leader, determined, decides, takes risks
sounds like the bold aspect of T4 
but the energy of T3

I  = Spring, Visionary, Influencer, Spring
communicator, creative, talks, optimistic, wants attention
T1 is optimistic...

S = Summer, Healer, Steady, South
relationships, support, routine, community, wants stability
T2 is the healer and nurturer

C = Autumn, Teacher, Compliant, West
organizes, methodical, facts, analyst, wants details
this does not sound like T3 or fire... sounds more T4

Take a DISC Personality Quiz here.
very long and it doesn't give you the letters :(

Ok, this test is better: here.
so I'm 4/2, 3 or 3/2, 4

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Semele RumbleSmith said...

Just wanted to let you know we mentioned your link on our Facebook page as we administer the DISC and liked your take on it. Thanks!

Disc personality testing said...

I also need to take the DISC test because I'm applying for a certain job. Thanks for sharing the link!

Danica said...

Disc personality test can be considered especially when you are looking for a job. This will help the individual to determine what kind of job is suitable to him or her.