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Sunday, April 1, 2012

extra activity

If anyone has been checking here lately, or esp. if you follow by email (does anyone?), you'll have noticed perhaps that I've made a sharp increase in posts lately.  I hope it's not hugely confusing or overwhelming.  I'm not your typical blogger, in that I don't have a regular frequency of updating, and I almost don't write to an audience.  It's more like a collection or cataloguing of info. on several intersecting topics.  It may be that I'm an INTJ and that's how we think.

I'm very much a relativist and an integrative thinker, if both of those are possible.  Obviously there are various systems I am exploring on this blog.  Started out with DYT, then 12 Seasonal ColorAnalysis, later IlluminEssensce and most recently Fashion Feng Shui.  A common idea in all is the desire to express your internal reality in your external appearance.  There is probably the most flexibility with Fashion Feng Shui, which always incorporates a dominant and secondary Chinese Element, but also can combine your inner nature with your intention or purpose for the day.

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Ann said...

The extra activity is not overwhelming -- it is really interesting. I really enjoy your unique viewpoint into all of this style/personality stuff. Thanks for sharing your ideas!!