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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fashion Astrology

Fashion Astrology by Veronica Tkachenko

"Veroniсa Tkachenko — the known astrologer, the Member of Russian journalist Union, the participant of many international conferences. She has diplomas of Academy of astrology and several esoteric schools. On her personal account — some hundreds of publications in the central periodic editions, numerous performances on radio and central TV, reports at the Russian and foreign conferences, four books: «Your destiny and astrology» (DROFA, 2005), «Whether it is possible to calculate a fashion?» (КONEK, 2005), «The Fashion and Beauty Astrology» (RIPOL-CLASSIK, 2006), and «The Beauty Calendar» (EKSMO, 2005). In 1999 ELLE magazine has mentioned Veroniсa Tkachenko among ten the best Russian astrologers."

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