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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Essential Colors 5 Elements System

The Essential Colors method of arriving at your ideal color palette takes into account both:
  • Your personal coloring (eyes, skin, hair) at the current stage of your life
  • Your 'Essential Energy' (personality and core values)
to determine the best range of colors to:
  • optimally flatter your unique coloring
  • provide you with a foolproof coordinated wardrobe color plan
  • authenticate your Essential energy
  • utilize the  'law of attraction' to support your intentions

    Our color categories do not have seasonal names or associations. *We use natures five elements--Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal--to describe the energy of each color harmony. While Essential Colors® is a system that employs the same timeless fundamental principles of color harmony that earlier more simplistic 'seasonal' color systems did, it takes the process of color analysis several steps beyond to a more individualized and soul based place.

    Want to learn about your own essential energy? Read 'Fashion Feng Shui' - The Power of Dressing With Intention by Evana Maggiore order here

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