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Friday, September 16, 2011

IlluminEssensce Results!

I can stop worrying about the 2/4 dilemma.  IlluminEssensce has a definitive system.  I was toned yesterday by Taylore B. Sinclaire and am officially a Tone II.

Send me an email: Jane Rekas, LCSW


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finally finding a system that works for you! You are gorgeous and you write such an interesting blog -- I have read through almost all of it and find your journey so interesting. So brave of you to share your story with others.

Jeanine Byers said...

I'm so happy for you, Jane! You seem so peaceful now that you know.

Yelena Starikova said...

It's so Important to find something that works for You! I know from my own experience. Some systems seems perfect but not fully clear. Congratulations on finding the piece of mind!)

Warm Regards,

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