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Monday, September 5, 2011

Question from reader

"I love this blog! I am writing to ask your opinion since you seem to be struggling with DYT. DYT does not take color into account, so a person's 12 season type (I have been professionally draped as light summer) can be at total odds with DYT type (I have even, symmetrical type 4 features, thus very different colors recommended). Could this be part of the problem? Which system trumps the other? "  Anonymous

Thank you!  This blog has chronicled my progress with all this, and it is likely to continue to develop.  All of the members of my EYT FB group dove into the 12 Seasonal Palette system for quite awhile.  I now understand by Carol Tuttle says DYT is not about color, and why Taylore B. Sinclaire says IlluminEssensce is also not a color typing system.  Both are meant to transcend the particulars of our coloring.

I rejected that for quite awhile.  I was trying to make my own category, a blend of Type 2 and 4, equaling Cool Summer.  I achieved some success in coordinating colors that blend with my appearance.  I eventually was dissatisfied. Then I sort of realized that maybe I'm a Soft Summer, 2/3.  But by this point, I felt that the steam of the whole reason I first got into DYT was lost.

It was IlluminEssensce that has helped me to realize that we have an inner truth that we are trying to harmonize with.  And that won't necessarily be in line with what we think we like, or what we look like externally.  Rather, we are trying to express something about our internal nature.  There are a couple IlluminEssensce videos that express what I'm trying to say here:

IlluminEssensce Transformations
Taylore B. Sinclaire videos and articles

My problem with DYT is not that it isn't brilliant; as I mentioned in my earlier post, my problem is with the assessment process.  (Also, honestly it's not original, not only being drawn from IlluminEssensce, but also basic understandings of energy and the elements).  It's too easy for women to either mistype themselves or chase their tales about what type they are, due to heavy, neurotic, painful resistance.  Ultimately, there are truths about our internal nature that we may not like, and we can't fix that by trying to be something else.  We need self-acceptance.


Anonymous said...

First, thanks so much for responding to my question! I looked at the IllunimEssence links and it sounds really interesting, (although for the time being it is not in my price range -- maybe later on). But I think you made a very good point about harmonizing with our inner truth. Maybe for a certain percentage it all comes together very neatly -- DYT, color season and other systems all line up. It is frustrating when they don't. Maybe I just mistyped myself in DYT because there is no way I can be both a type 4 and a Light Summer (and I am sure of the color typing.)

Lorna said...

I tend to agree with the sentiments of 'Anonymous' above.
I've typed as a soft and warm and light ie a soft autumn. The colour palette seems to hit the spot - and really should make me a type 3 DYT, except it doesn't seem to match my nature or face and body language...which seems to be more the other three!
I've been struggling a bit with 'what's my personal style?' and also the fact that plenty of people think I still suit black. This is what brought me to DYT then Illuminessensce...
I'm teetering on the brink of
- are the systems similar enough that the result will be the same no matter which you choose to go with?
- would I be able to accept a different colour palette as this one works...
I love the concept of clothing harmonising with the wearer, although I also fear the vulnerability that comes with it, being judged etc with nothing to hide behind! Fascinating -and I'm longing for more self knowledge - and with it self assurance and personal power that I think should come with it.