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Friday, June 24, 2011

Faces of Jane

A mix of Type 2 and Type 4

Type 3 look (not my type)    Type 4 nose bridge

Type 4 hair                             Type 2? My favorite portrait

Type 4 hair                     Type 2 hair

both Type 4

Type 4? My favorite hair                              Type 2

Type 4                              Undecided

Type 2                                  Type 4

both Type 2

Type 4


Jeanine Byers said...

Okay, don't shoot me, but I am thinking type 2 again. I think the softened looks make you look younger and the T4 ones make you look harsher and older.

Also, have you noticed all the T3 you've got going on. I am wondering about 2/3, but really thinking type 2.

And I think 2/4s and 4/2s are likely to have the hardest time settling on a type. I really think that asking for help and feedback is not a cry for attention but difficulty being sure.

Jane said...

Where do you see any 3? :)

Unknown said...

Take my opinion for what it's worth, but I think you are a lovely type four!

Elin said...

Hi, I just stumbled here, but IMHO you are an incredibly lovely type 4! I love your type 4 hair styles, they make you look so chic!

Jenny said...

I just came across this working through my own 4/2 conundrum, and, we could be sisters. In my opinion, you look GREAT with the type 4 clothes and hair. Vibrant, alive, powerful, like the real you is coming through. With the 2's, you look (to me) washed out and like you're 'trying' to be softer and compassionate-looking. As if you can't be bold and compassionate at the same time...which isn't true. Maybe that's it: be boldly compassionate! (Thanks for helping me think this through as well by being bold enough to post your pics on the web)

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Oh my gosh, I just noticed that you responded here and asked me where I saw any T3! I'm sorry. One place where it is really clear is the picture of you in red, that has T4 under it. You have angles and multiple smile lines and your chin makes a V.

Ladee Lyon said...

Dang, I'm thinking Type 2 as well. I've seen some of these pics in previous posts and the one I have liked best is the one that you said is your favorite (where you are a Type 2, showing your tats). I love your hair in it and your facial features look T2, but I just love the edginess of your tat and the stillness portrayed in the photo.

Unknown said...

did you know? types 4 should avoid read dyed hair.

Jane Leu Rekas said...

@ Giselle - this is a post from 2011, so I didn't know much then, but generally if you mean red hair for Type 4, that might be true but it's so much more complicated in the 12 seasons. A Dark Winter for instance could have auburn red highlights, whereas a Cool Winter could have a bold true red highlight.