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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Personal Energetics, Soul Tone?

I downloaded this book on my kindle, by Dr. Craig Martin.  It reminds me of the 5 Love Languages, but with a spin of the 4 Elements.  Greg and I took the quiz and are scores were quite different:

Greg is more balanced: Fire 11, Air 12, Water 12, Earth 9
Mine were: Fire 3, Air 19, Water 18, Earth 6
Dr. Craig Martin gives you the tools to identify and work with your own unique relationship style and desires in Elemental Love Styles. Get more on Dr. Craig...
Some people can see the human aura. Some of us never have and some have on occasion but do not usually.
    • Jane Rekas
      ‎"All your feelings, thought, acts and the actions taken upon you do impact upon your aura. Not everything is preordained, the passions and fears and restrictions and freedoms your past and possible futures are all held with in these curren...ts. Generally many born at the same time may have the same basic tone on a soul level which is where expressions such as indigo children arise, but we are each separate beings so one of indigo soul tone for time may be pink or yellow or blue in personal colour brought into the incarnation yet have different colour visibly predominating from the experiences and action reaction of the life and life plan that they are moving through as well as showing the paths and flares of the colours of the momentary influences, both internal and external in the physical environment and from the spiritual creative plane being flow form and isness. Which is what is simply called God by many. and from all the emanations thereof.
Belief, Concentration, Focus and Desire Belief, concentration, focus and desire are the basics. Wrap them in any package you want. You get to choose based on...
    • Jane Rekas
      ‎"Being open to releasing the obstacles that block your ability to express your own clear strong soul tone – your true Self – is a major step forward. Use the tools we have presented in this series to do just that! Skipping over this step w...ill only impede progress toward the creation of the life you want to live. We must practice the techniques in order to embody our best selves/authentic selves/essential nature, not just absorb theory."
    • Golden Tone personal signature from your voice... hmmmm
      Curiosity and much research has lead me to this amazing healing venue. The voice reflects the state of health and balance within our body. In the revolutionary world of sound therapy and human bioacoustics, the body is understood to be an orchestration of vibratio...
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Living Energy said...

It was great to interview Dr. Craig Martin on our talk radio show. An opportunity to share thoughts on self knowledge and relationships.

Thanks for visiting our blog! May we each continue being conscious creators, learning the laws of the universe and how to use them in a heart centered way for the benefit of all.

Sandy said...

I enjoyed your blog. I wish we were the same type but I am a type 4 and I've been analyzed by other systems as well and the 4 energy keeps showing up. Do you know of any blogs where the type 4 is highlighted. I really don't want to participate in any groups on Facebook. I'm more interested in blogs. As you know with my energy I'm not into big groups and the politics of groups. Thanks so much

Jane Leu Rekas said...