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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Any minute now...

I can't stand it.  It's almost been two weeks, which is the amount of typical processing time for my IlluminEssensce test I sent off.  Today or tomorrow, or early next week, I will find out what my Harmonic Tone is according to this system.  Everybody in our group is making a broad assumption that the four Tones are similiar to Dressing Your Truth's four Types.  But Taylore B. Sinclaire is a Tone I and Carol Tuttle is a Type 3, so Taylore comes off as lighter and brighter, and Carol is dynamic and a little brusque.

The video I sent off with my test made me really sad.  It was not a great day to make the video, and you have to have absolutely no makeup on, so the whole thing was a bit depressing.  I hope that doesn't throw it off.  I must say I'm prepared for a Tone II result.  I told the group if it's anything other than that, we'll all be surprised.  But lately the Fashion Feng Shui points to an overemphasis perhaps on Metal, which is DYT Type 4 or 1 or a blend, I think - but not DYT Type 2, equivalent Tone II.  We shall see....

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