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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Facebook Groups

Expressing Your Truth Facebook Group

"This is a group where we discuss self-actualization, personality typing systems like MBTI, astrology, Human Design, seasonal color analysis, a critical eye on DYT (you can ask to join if you're not sure of your type!), IlluminEssensce, energy healing (Tapping, EFT) and fashion as means of expressing your truth as you find it. The history of this group began when many of us left as the DYT groups closed. Warning: this group will cause procrastination. Disclaimer: remove email notification unless you want your inbox to blow up. Launch page:

This blog is no longer associated with Dressing Your Truth as of 9/15/11.

If you're interested in Dressing Your Truth, you must first buy their system and then you can request to join their exclusive DYT Facebook groups.  They may or may not let you in, and may later kick you out.

Type 1: Dressing Your Truth - Type 1
             or Type 1 Dressing Your Truth
Type 2: Dressing Your Truth - Type 2s!
Type 3: Dressing Your Truth Type 3
Type 4: Dressing Your Truth - Type 4s! (removed?)
            or Type 4 Dressing Your Truth

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