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The many ways you can DIY Drape

How much of this stuff can you do yourself?  
You're probably interested in that if you're reading here.

  • TUTTLE (Dressing Your Truth) You choose a Type, which you essentially have to do on your own (though you can get consults), you get a color card.  Every woman of a type uses the exact same color card.


  • CAYGILL, JACKSON, KENTNER, (Pinterest board
  • Caygill had 4 seasons, with about 4-6 subtypes each (look at pinterest board).  Jackson and Kentner reduced to just the 4 seasons, without any subtypes.
Color Me Beautiful uses gold and silver draping to determine warm and cool.

How to Build Your Own Drape Set

Back in the 80s, when the Color Me Beautiful Seasons were the craze, I had purchased a silver lame and gold lame drape set.  This was to help determine if you were cool or warm.  You can purchase these from a fabric store, cutting them to about 13 x 19 inches each.

You also might guy a piece of black fabric and one in white.  This will help you rule these colors in or out for you.  You want to see if the color drains in your face when you are draped with each color.

You could go as far as creating your own beginner drape set:
Cool: Silver Lame, Black, White, Rose (Winter), Gray and Pink (Summer)
Warm: Gold Lame, Warm Dark Brown, Orange (Autumn), Peach, Light Warm Yellow (Spring)

Remember that probably most people are neutral, in that they can wear silver or gold, and either have neutral skin, or their hair, eyes and skin are a combination of cool and warm.


An important way to "drape" is to consider which neutrals you can wear.  Only Type 4/Winters can wear black and not even all of them!

Closet Draping

You can also do a lot with clothes in your own closet, to see how they effect your face.
One site that will help you analyze this is Glowing Color.

I've done some closet draping.

Closet Draping

  • COLOR ALLIANCE, BEAUTY FOR ALL SEASONS, now bought out by COLOR ME BEAUTIFUL, Requires a consult in person or online
  • I was analyzed by Kathleen Moore Cook online with Color Alliance in Sept. 2013, and found that this system allowing for  CONTRASTING type in each season solved my dilemma!

  • SONGER & KITCHENER (Personal Style Counselors) Requires a consult
  • When you get analyzed by Kitchener, you get a personalized palette (of fabric swatches) with percentages of the four types he uses, as well as archetypes.

by Jane Segerstrom
  • SEGERSTROM (Look Like Yourself and Love it 1980.  I have this book.) I just mention her because it shows how far back this 4 system typing goes! Segerstrom has four types only with colors determined by chroma like DYT, but existed way before.
It's too bad this book is out of print, because it has so much in it.  It's got many, many overlaps with DYT and it has suggestions to look for your body colors and palette colors yourself.  More on this soon!

by Naomi E. Donner 
  • DONNER (Color for Body & Soul, I have this book.Four types with the properties of the seasons for colors.
Donner's Suggested Color Test

Get four pieces of fabric, of different shades of red, 

2 of which are yellow-based and 2 of which are blue-based:
  1. a clear, pure tangerine, strawberry or poppy
  2. a rich flame red or tomato red
  3. an azalea red
  4. a strong intensive, bluish peony red

Do the following test (preferably with a friend):

If you are undecided whether your basic temperament is Enthuisast T1 or Compassionate T2, drape numbers 1 and 3 alternatively against your face.  Between Compassionate T2 and Analytical T4, drape 3 and 4.  Compassionate T2 and Dynamic T3, drape 3 and 2.  Enthuisiast T1 and Dynamic T3, drape 1 and 2.  Dynamic and Analytic T4, drape 3 and 4.  Analytic T4 and Enthusiast T1, drape 4 and 1. (I am adding the Type numbers, she does not use them).

  • SINCLAIRE (IlluminEssensce) You can get toned in person at an event or by sending in a video and completing an assessment they give you (options).When you get analyzed by IlluminEssensce, you get a color fan for your seasons (not personalized, but it indicates colors for different purposes).

by Jennifer Butler 
  • BUTLER, membership site (totally worth it!). Very expensive in person consult.  You can take her essence test (for $2.00).  When you get your colors done by Butler, you get a personalized palette with fabric swatches for different purposes, including relating to your skin, hair and eyes.  She uses the four seasons, but has the multiple subtypes that Caygill intended.

  • ZYLA (Color Your Style)He is based in New York City, but has been travelling doing private assessments.  You can apply his suggestions to determine your season based on your romantic and dramatic colors.  Zyla Colors  
  • Romantic Colors are either Crisp and Clear, Cool and Relaxed, Warm and Mellow or Rich and Contrasted.
  • Zyla's book is essentially a do-it-yourself, he shows you how to find colors from your skin, hair and eyes, and combine those with the four seasonal palettes.  He then suggests subtypes, but you have to figure out which one you are, or want to be.
Zyla mentions chroma on page 20.


Elea Blake Makeup does Lip Draping and Mineral Foundation Draping

Lip Draping 

  • STANDISH: How Not To Wear Black  
  • She gives information about eye types to correlate with the seasons.
  • She has a questionnaire to determine the seasons by the four humors.
  • She gives directions on how to drape yourself at home.
  • See also my EYE DIAGRAMS

The Toilet Test

  • You have to get professionally draped for Sci Art


 that pull colors

I used this tool to choose COOL.
I also chose WINTER, but I notice it has charcoal, not black.

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane

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