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Soul Collage and Vision Boards and her pinterest boards

I just stumbled onto this site because someone posted on facebook that they were following their pinterest boards.

Jennifer Butler Color Essence Vision Boards

 It reminds me of something I had recently been doing, which is to create affirmation cards with images.  But it also reminds me of a Vision Board process that Jennifer Butler does with women in groups.  We did it in our facebook group and this is what I came up with based on words women gave me.

Here's what you ask other women to give you words for:
VISION BOARD Categories for me:
what word would you use to describe each of these for me? PLEASE COMMENT
words used to help you dress, decorate, and understand yourself
1. Passive (a centering word, how you approach the world)
2. Dramatic (the opposite of passive word)
3. Supportive
4. Braced (to be held in)
5. Romantic
6. Inner Child
7. Dark Side (shadow)
8. Inner Male
9. Humor
10. Spiritual/ity
11. Sensual/ity

Here's the words I got from women:
  • For example Greg describes me:
    1. Passive Quiet
    2. Dramatic Assertive
    3. Supportive Empathy
    4. Braced Controlled
    5. Romantic Sweet
    6. Inner Child Hurt
    7. Dark Side Angry
    8. Inner Male Forward
    9. Humor Intelligent
    10. Spiritual/ity Inclusive
    11. Sensual/ity Playful
  • 1. Passive: Quietly Observing
    2. Dramatic: Assertive & Strong
    3. Supportive: Caring
    4. Braced: Trapped in a box
    5. Romantic: Sweet
    6. Inner Child: wounded, but healing
    7. Dark Side: Frustration
    8. Inner Male: Assertion
    9. Humor: Witty
    10. Spirituality: Universal
    11. Sensuality: Smooth flow

  • For you: 1) Passive: Sensitive 2) Dramatic: Strong 3) Supportive: Compassionate 4) Braced: Stuck 5) Romantic: Emotionally Loving 6) Inner child: Grieving 7) Dark side: Tangle 8)Inner Male: Knowledgeable 9) Humor: Creative 10) Spirituality: Exploring 11) Sensuality: Flowing
  • Also another supportive word is generous.
  •  I hope I did these right!

    1. Passive: Observant
    2. Dramatic: Intuitous
    3. Supportive: Sympathtic
    4. Braced: Controlled
    5. Romantic: Wholehearted
    6. Inner Child: Growing stronger
    7. Dark Side: Resentment
    8. Inner Male: Bold and Sexy 
    9. Humor: Witty
    10. Spiritual/ity: Embracing to all
    11. Sensual/ity: Graceful
  • 1. Passive reserved
    2. Dramatic bold
    3. Supportive compassionate
    4. Braced constricted
    5. Romantic tender
    6. Inner Child neglected
    7. Dark Side (shadow) frustrated
    8. Inner Male assertive
    9. Humor witty
    10. Spiritual/ity emabracing
    11. Sensual/ity graceful

  • Passive: Mellow Dramatic: Confident Braced: Aware Romantic: Water Flowing Inner Child: Knowledge Dark Side: Frustrated Inner Male: Resilience Humor: Irony Spirituality: Deep Sensuality: Fire
  •  1. Passive: Explorer
    2. Dramatic : Myth buster
    3. Supportive: Present
    4. Braced: Logic
    5. Romantic: Imaginative
    6. Inner Child: Plucky
    7. Dark Side (shadow): Resistance
    8. Inner Male: Competent
    9. Humor: Original
    10. Spiritual/ity: Encompassing
    11. Sensual/ity: Playful
  • 1. Passive (a centering word, how you approach the world): Reflecting
    2. Dramatic (the opposite of passive word): Breaking down
    3. Supportive: Family
    4. Braced (to be held in): Hugs
    5. Romantic: Roses
    6. Inner Child: Curiousity
    7. Dark Side (shadow): Black cat
    8. Inner Male: An executive
    9. Humor: The comics of a newspaper
    10. Spiritual/ity: Natural 
    11. Sensual/it: Open-minded
  • 1. Passive: Analytical
    2. Dramatic: Rebellious
    3. Supportive: Available

    4. Braced (to be held in): Emotional
    5. Romantic: vulnerable
    6. Inner Child: determined and soft
    7. Dark Side (shadow): Explosive
    8. Inner Male: assertive
    9. Humor: bubbling
    10. Spiritual/ity: moon goddess
    11. Sensual/ity: lava
  • 1. Passive (a centering word, how you approach the world): accommodating
    2. Dramatic (the opposite of passive word): volatile
    3. Supportive: inclusive

    4. Braced (to be held in): wrath
    5. Romantic: Deco darling
    6. Inner Child: bookworm
    7. Dark Side (shadow): negative self-talk
    8. Inner Male: physician
    9. Humor: sharp wit
    10. Spiritual/ity: God light
    11. Sensual/ity: verdant
  • Jane Leu Rekas Thanks, now for my favorite words from above:
    1. Passive: quietly observant/reflective
    2. Dramatic: intuitous, myth buster

    3. Supportive: compassionate
    4. Braced: controlled logic
    5. Romantic: Deco darling
    6. Inner Child: bookworm, plucky
    7. Dark Side: black cat
    8. Inner Male: competent
    9. Humor: sharp wit
    10. Spiritual/ity: moon goddess
    11. Sensual/ity: lava

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane

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