Saturday, January 25, 2014

Depression and the Types

Temperament author, LaHaye states:

“Although depression is common to all temperament types, none is as vulnerable as the Melancholy.* Melancholies can go into longer and deeper periods of depression than any of their fellows. Sanguines, if they do become depressed, remain that way only briefly. Being so susceptible to the immediate environment, a bird flying overhead, a change of activity, or a cheerful companion coming on the scene can transform their depression into joy.

Cholerics are rarely slaves to depression. Perennially optimistic, they look with disdain upon depression because of its impractical resultant apathy. They are not overly occupied with themselves but have long-range goals and plans that more occupy their minds productively.

Phlegmatics would probably rate second in depressive tendencies among the four temperament types, though their periods of depression would not be as frequent or as deep as the Melancholy because of their basically cheerul nature and sense of humor. Of course, we are not one solid temperament type, a PhlegMel is going to be vulnerable to depression. A ChlorMel will also experience depression. Again, virtually no one is exempt.”

*The reason LaHaye states that Melancholics are more prone to depression, is they are typically self-centered and perfectionistic.

Spirit-Controlled Temperament 
by Tim LaHaye

Why You Act the Way You Do
by Tim LaHaye 

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