The Color Connection

Joan Callaway
(Analyzed here at Beauty Valued).

The Color Connection: From a Retailer's Perspective Reprinted now
By Joan S. Callaway

Especially good about secondary seasons and aspects of design. Illustrations have not been updated. 

 "A graphic  and photographic representation of the Seasonal Color Harmony theory as it relates to the fashion industry and is being taught by color consultants around the world. This book is an essential reference for designers, buyers, sales associates, as well as consumers who wish to expand their knowledge and refine their style with or without having had their colors painted or draped. For the designer: If the style, fabric and color are in harmony with a seasonal type, the item will be more successful at retail, as well as more successful for the consumer. For the retail buyer: the book shows you how you can improve your buying and reduce markdowns by using the guidelines. The book resulted from the experiences of the author in her women's clothing stores, Tarika, in Davis, Ca. and Sacramento. An awareness of what at the time many thought was just a fad improved her buying, increased sales, and reduced markdowns and customer returns. For the sales associate: The Color Connection shows you how to be thought of as more than "just a clerk." For the consumer: The guidelines illustrated in The Color Connection show you how to reduce "closet mistakes", by using your best colors, planning your wardrobe, and developing a personal outer style consistent and in harmony with your inner style. Whether you have already a color fan in your possession or are just beginning to think about having your colors painted or draped, this book will help you refine your style. Much of the book is a composite of theories as that I have learned through reading, seminars and from having my colors done eight times, including by Suzanne Caygill, author of Color, The Essence of You. Hundreds of illustrations and photographs, as well as text, translate what I have learned and believe to be more fact than fad or fiction - a theory whose time has come. "

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