Make a Segerstrom Signacard

Jane Segerstrom
As you may already have read here, there is another out of print set of books that also has a four type system:
Jane Segerstrom's Look Like Yourself and Lo...  c) 1980
Style Strategy: Winning the Appearance Game  c) 1988


She posits that you can determine your type with personality tests based on Hippocrates and LaHaye four humors, which she renames as types.  But you are unlikely to fit neatly into these boxes as one type, so next she suggests making a "Signacard" which is color representations of your hair, eyes, skin and liptone on a card, perhaps using fabric or paintchips.  This is very much like basic Zyla colors!  If your hair has more than one shade, you can select more than one color.  Your eyes may have more than one color also.  Roll down your bottom lip and look at the color inside to see the color you tend to blush.  Then your palette should harmonize with and enhance all of the colors on your signacard.  Some colors will enhance your hair, eyes and lips, but dull your skin.  That color is not for you, keep looking.  You can take this simple card with you shopping as well.
According to Segerstrom:
Type 1 colors are clear, clean and bright.
Type 2 colors are soft, grayed, blended.
Type 3 colors are warm, rich and earthy.
Type 4 colors are brilliant, contrasting, clear.

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane