Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Sci Art / Spectrafiles PCA color Palettes the cost of the Textbook is 65.50 please email suzanna@spectrafiles.com to request your copy.

You will find in this book:
- a discussion of personal color tone and how we see and feel it
- color classification, order, and terminology
- the personalities of each of the rainbow’s colors
- the how and why of simultaneous contrast, the basis of personal colour analysis, with illustrations of the optical effects that create the illusions we see in right and wrong colours
- the 12 Tones of Personal Color, their predominant characteristic, their colors and feelings, and cosmetic colors (please note that these are descriptions, not colour palettes or swatches)
- unique, innovative, and detailed coverage of the personality traits of the 4 True Seasons
 - the use of color in your wardrobe and in your home to feel, convey, develop, balance, or counteract many emotions Purchase Books can be purchased directly from Spectrafiles owner, Suzanna Greif. (The name Sci\ART continues to refer to Kathryn’s work. The present day supply of swatch books and drapes continues under the new name, Spectrafiles.)

I just saw this on facebook.  I don't have this book.

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane

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