I don't know why I got so into this topic, and I've almost left it a few times, but it seems to be something I'm interested in for a reason.  I want to eventually incorporate enough knowledge and confidence that I somehow advance our understanding.  I really don't see this as superficial. There is something quite deep here, quiet and deep.

and why are some people so territorial about this knowledge that should be for the advancement of all?

My approach is to find as many sources as possible. This runs the risk of uncovering too many opinions and options, which can prove overwhelming. But the goal is to search for what seems true in each author's perspective, but also to show you that you have choice. Evaluate what you like and leave the rest. Some information will fit you better than others. Don't work too hard at making it all line up. Over time, your intuition will grow as to how it lines up for you.

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane