Nine Star Ki Number

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Your Hidden Symmetry: How Your Birth Date Reveals the Plan for Your Life

This books is about Nine Star Ki Number.  Also read: 

Based she read, she thinks fire=T1/sanguine, water and earth=T2/phlegmatic, wood=T3/choleric, metal=T4/melancholic. If anyone has different thoughts on this, I'd love to hear those as well.

2=yin earth
3=yang wood
4=yin wood
6=yang metal
7=yin metal
8=yang earth

She shared with me that my birthday results in this reading:
(yang earth, yang wood, water)

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To determine personal Nine Star Ki number

Your Nine Star Ki Number is

Eight White Soil

This personality assessment is based on the ki of your year of birth. If you have read it before, you can proceed to the "monthly forecast" link, at the bottom of this page.

This person is good for anything that fits in with their plans. Usually, their plans include lending a helpful hand to any and everyone. Eight Soils are kind hearted, fair minded and family oriented. However, when they feel an injustice has been performed, they are quick to speak out and take remedial action.
Like the mountain, 8 Soils are very resilient and have an amazing ability to deal with almost any situation. However, due to this fortitude, the number 8 person must guard against developing an "invincible" attitude that could lead them, less aware, into a truly perilous situation.
These individuals alternate between periods of reserved, deep activity and extroverted interaction. They are deep thinkers and boisterous revelers.
The evolved Eight Soil will study important issues before taking action. They often have a very straightforward set of plans, concerning their career moves and what they want to accomplish next. But, they are not afraid to become involved with new ideas and directions. They are intrepid travelers and make excellent road companions. They move around in life.
Eight Soils love family. Even if their experiences keep them from settling down at an early age, the thought of family is always there. As they age, their deep love and respect for elders grows. Eight-soils are sharp thinkers and many of them also exhibit a strong mood of justice.

Face Reading 

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