Four Type Systems explanation of type colors

Caygill 1980, Segerstrom 1980 & 1988, Callaway 1985, Donner 1983, Wright 1999, Butler 2007, Garza/Lupo 2008, Zyla 2011, Standish 2011

Type 1: brights with brights, and brights with neutrals (clear, bright, fresh, appealing)
Type 2: gradations of the same color, closely related muted colors (soft, shadowy, blended)
Type 3: mutli-colored earth tones, textured earth tones (warm, earthy, rich)
Type 4: unequal amounts of two contrasting colors (cool, still and brilliant)

Spring: light, medium or dark colors from a meadow or garden, but wears darker colors with light; some Spring can wear black but not by face, beiges and browns are based on skin and hair color, usually golden
Summer: quiet, soft colors, tinged with grey, blue or rose; muted, soft, blended, wear analogous colors; rarely includes yellow
Autumn: rich earthy colors, made by blending colors, no pure colors; worn analogously or monochromatically with accent of contrast
Winter: pure, deep, intense, brilliant, or icy pastels, few middle colors; striking, smooth, serene, luminous

The Enthusiast: dawn colors, clear, pure, bright warm colors and tints with a yellow base
The Compassionate: noon colors, blue based tones of medium intensity, almost hazy
The Dynamic: sunset colors, full, warm, rich, yellow based medium to dark
The Analytical: moonlight colors, the stark, pure, cool hues of winter or midnight

Morninglight Type 1: bright, warm and essentially light, tints, colors with clarity (no darks, even the navy is warm and bright)
Dreamlight Type 2: virtually all tones, subtle colors, high percentages of grey in them, no clear primary colors
Firelight Type 3: warm, lively colors, more intensity, mainly shades, no primary colors
Starlight Type 4: very strong primary colors, strong contrasts between pure hues, extreme tints and extreme shades, but not tones

Sun: clear brightness of the Sun, refreshing tropical colors
Moon: the moon's hazy glow, cool colors
Earth: the soft reflection and warmth of the Earth, sumptuous earth tones
Star: the shimmering twinkle of the stars, modern jewel tones

Please read my summary of all of these sources here.

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