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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Elements: 4 or 5?


Dressing Your Truth

Carol Tuttle's Beauty Profiling system is based on helping women identify their primary Type, which is essentially based on the elements: Air, Water, Fire and Earth, and their corresponding shapes and movement.

These links take you the Expressing Your Truth Facebook group photo albums on the 12 Seasonal Palette and the possible correlation with the DYT Types.

DYT & 12 Seasonal Paletttes

‎1/3 Warm Spring

1/2 Light Spring

1/4 Clear Spring

2/4 Cool Summer

2/1 Light Summer

2/3 Soft Summer

3/4 Deep Autumn

3/2 Soft Autumn

4/2 Cool Winter

4/3 Deep Winter

4/1 Clear Winter

This correlation of DYT and the 12 Seasonal Palettes is purely hypothetical and not endorsed by either system.

Fashion Feng Shui

In the ancient Chinese system of Feng Shui, there are 5 Elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Metal, Wood (note: no Air).  Metal is probably a cross between Type 1 and 4 in DYT.  And Wood gets subsumed into Earth or T4.

Watch this very valuable video first:
Sue Donnelly at Feng Shui Conference on Fashion Feng Shui

View my post with images from the video

The Transformational Triad concept leads us to balance our essence with our intention that changes over time to create a harmonious appearance.

  • Essential Energy (ESSENCE) is unconsciously expressed. It is the energetic lens through which you see the world, the assimilation of your core (driving force), character (emotional nature), and conduct (way of being) – the unique "essence"... that is you.
  • Intentional Energy (INTENTION) is consciously created. It is the energy attached to what you have "in mind" to be, do and have.
  • Visual Energy (APPEARANCE) is physically transmitted. It is the vibrational pattern created by "how you look," influenced by the energies inherent in your physical coloring and body shape, and the colors, patterns, textures, fabrics and silhouettes of the clothes you wear.
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Jeanine Byers said...

Interesting comparison! Lately, I have been thinking about DYT and the 12 seasons. Trying to determine, for me, where the "soft" in soft autumn will come in. Definitely in things like design lines and fabrications, but in colors, too? Not sure about that one.