Sunday, April 7, 2013

Process of Elimination

From my Color Tester pictures (Science of Personal Dress), I selected my best colors, 
and then I went to try to identify which palettes they are from (in the Spectrafiles).
The most important thing I confirmed, is that I can wear many winter colors 
that do no appear on the summer palettes, especially reds and purples.
Three Dark Winter colors, Three Bright Winter colors and 3 True Winter colors in the REDS.
The dark pink could be any color, seems distorted and are not the best match with any of the seasons.

Three Dark Winter colors, Three Bright Winter colors and Three True Summer colors,
(the Bright Winters are the worst match).

Three Dark Winter colors, the Bright Winters are not great matches, and Three True Summer colors.

Three Dark Winter colors, one Bright Winter and Three True Winter, none of these are Summer.

Mauve is probably Summer, and the lavender only appears on True Winter.

... but hey, don't listen to me or anyone, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane

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Anne B said...

Jane - I enjoyed your post today. i looked at your previous post on Irenee Riter's tester and I have some thoughts for you. Many of the colors from Irenee's four seasons which look good on you (but are not Summer or Winter) are what she calls balanced colors (see p.52). She says they look good on most people. That may be why those colors look good on you.

Using Ritter's system, I would guess that you are a Summer with a Winter influence. On p. 87, she recommends using white to create contrast. That may be why white alone is not good. It needs to be paired with another of your colors. She recommends your hair color. I have found I can wear white with many of the Summer colors (as a blouse, knit top, or slacks). I need some Summer color near my face or the white is too stark. I could never wear a solid white dress for example.

I have struggled to equate Riter, CMAS, Color Me Beautuful, and Sci Art. I don't think there is a way to equate them. The thing I like about The Science of Personal Dress is that it is personal.

In Sci Art I would probably be a Soft Summer. But I look great in Icy Pink which is found in Riter and CMAS. I do look good in muted colors but because I have both Winter and Autumn influences, I can wear blued red and many slightly warm browns. None of those are found in Soft Summer.

I know the Sci Art devotees would tell you that the colors in your palette are your best colors. But after two years of studying color analysis, I am not ready to restrict myself to 1/12th of all colors.

I like Riter's system the best because it is the only one that explains all the influences that make color so personal. Also, she gives me a feeling that I should enjoy color and not be so enslaved to one palette that I cannot ever wear other colors. I also like her information on why how something fits is more important sometimes than the color.

These are just my opinions. Enjoy the journey of finding your colors!