Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Elea Blake Lippie Samples!

I ordered about a dozen lipstick samples from Elea Blake.  Here's my results!  

I definitely recommend ordering their samples. Some of their colors on the site don't match up with the actual color of the lipstick.  All of these are cream lipsticks, unless I note they are gloss.  Unfortunately, their website doesn't distinguish (until you read the description, so be careful).  Correction: you can tell if it's a lipstick or gloss by the shape of the icon.
lipstick                                            gloss

[click for larger]

I'm wearing a bright top, which I changed the color of in just a few pics.

Most of what I ordered are True Summer, with a few Soft Summer and Deep Winter to compare on a lark.  Now I might order more!

Soft Summer
Afternoon Delight
Soft Summer

creamy, comfortable, lighter than expected
very close to what I wear already every day
True Summer
Come Hither

has a bit of a shimmer

True Summer

darker than I expected for TSu

True Summer

quite a bit redder than their purple swatch

True Summer

True Summer
Quiet Hottie

True Summer

also quite a bit redder than expected
might retake this pic later

True Summer

True Winter
Absolutely Elegant

Dark Winter
Perfect Pout
I ordered this one

while also dark, of course, 
I find the deeper color is balancing with my eyes and hair

Dark Winter
Showing how the deeper color does balance my eyes and hair

... but hey, don't listen to me or anyone, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane

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Anne B said...

I love this post. I like the dark lips colors but my favorite is the Soft Summer Networker. Your face looks very peaceful and relaxed. IMO the 2nd best is Perfect Pout. The really dark color appears a bit harsh but it looks lovely with the outfit you have on.

I completely agree that level of contrast is important. Light skin and dark hair needs some contrast to be sharp. Maybe a little frost/gloss on the really dark one would be enough to take the harshness off.

I have found that I do better with frost rather that cream lipsticks. Not obnoxiously frosty but just a little. I have found the same thing with nail polish. I can apply a thin coat of pearl (the color of dust) and it takes the edge off dark colors so they look more like me. It is one way I adapt dark colors to more of a Soft Summer or Soft Winter (my own made up category) vibe.

We dark haired individuals really throw a wrench in many systems of color analysis. Have you read "Color Me A Season"? I like the Moonlight Summer description.

Have fun with your EB lippies!