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Four Type Systems & Books: Around the World and through History

Color for Body & Soul: Discover Yourself & Your Temperament Through ColorThe Beginner's Guide to Colour Psychology
Color for Body & Soul: Discover Yoursel...
by Naomi E. Donner

1983, Finland, the four types are all over the world!

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The Beginner's Guide to Colour Psychology
by Angela Wright

1999, UK, Colour Affects System. Wright has a 4 Type System: Morninglight, Dreamlight, Firelight, Starlight. http://www.colou...

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Jane Segerstrom's Look Like Yourself and Lo...
by Jane Segerstrom

1980, This book was published decades before Carol Tuttle's books "It's Just My Nature" & "Dressing Your Truth," but Carol Tuttle

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see Type & Tones

Color for Body & Soul: Discover Yourself & Your Temperament Through ColorThe latest book I have discovered is from Finland, published in 1983:

Color for Body & Soul: Discover Yourself & Your Temperament Through Color
By Naomi E. Donner

I ordered this used book just out of curiosity and found within it's few pages some quite valuable gems of info.  The author is from Finland.  She starts with a history of color through civilizations and societies, and then discusses color gurus through history, and then within education and psychology.  She bases her book quite a bit on Steiner and his take on the Four Temperaments and color.

She renames Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Choleric and Melancholic, as the Enthusiast, the Compassionate, the Dynamic and the Analytical, respectively.  They absolutely relate to the four Types.

  • The Enthusiast
    Fast and simple, never a dull moment. Quick, inventive and impulsive.
  • The Compassionate
    A friend and idealist. Careful, calm, dependable, practical and thorough.
  • The Dynamic Down to earth but fast-paced and seldom dull. Realistic, economical and independent.
  • The Analytical Very private, prefers listening to talking. Fiercely loyal to carefully chosen friends.

She goes on to correlate them with the seasons (as you would expect).  She gives general guidelines about how each type looks, their typical skintone, eye and hair colors, and recommended style of dress, fabric, pattern, makeup.  Obviously this information comes from classical sources and many people have correlated it.

An interesting point she takes from Steiner is the temperament you were when you were a child changes when you become an adolescent. "...the Sanguine turns Phlegmatic, the Phlegmatic turns Melancholic, the Melancholy turns Choleric and the Choleric turns Sanguine."  In other words, the temperament refines.

She also makes comments about how to determine your Secondary.  First, she states that your secondary is often correlated with the type of one or both of your parents.  Secondly, your temperament as a child may become your secondary as an adult.

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