Monday, April 1, 2013

Eye Types

Color Me A Season eyes
Spring                  Summer
Autumn              Winter

Eye Types link to former post. :)
So regular readers know of the frequent reference to eyes on this blog.

BTW, other than shape of eyes and eyebrows, the color of eyes doesn't factor into DYT typing.

Anyone know which color analysis system disregards eye color and just focuses on skin?  

So let's see if Wright says about eyes and her Types:

Type 1 round, usually blue or w/ green or grey also, creamy lace covers iris - seem to change color
            seems to particularly apply to 1/2 light spring eyes
Type 2 misty quality, stillness
            lymphatic does seem misty, CMAS says summer is usually blue
Type 3 hazel only this type, tan or gold flecks, expressive
            coloring fits
Type 4 no flecks, no mists, no lace, deep brown or icy blue, crackled
             saturated is implied, or clear (don't confuse crackled with usual term for summer eyes)

I created this graphic

A Rainbow in Your Eyes: Yes, You Can Find Y...

by Bernice Kentner 

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