Friday, April 5, 2013

Vanity Sizing! Argh....

End Vanity Sizing Now

I love to order clothes online, which has many drawbacks, a big one being, you never know if it's going to fit!  It doesn't help that you sort of have to guess at what size to order.  This is because of the whole problem of lack of standardization of women's clothing sizes.

"Many commentators have suggested that "vanity" sizing, as its name suggests, is designed to satisfy buyers' wishes to appear thin and feel better about themselves.[1][2][4][6]
On the contrary, industry patternmaker Kathleen Fasanella argues vanity sizing is a myth,[7] and that sizing entropy is the logical outcome of cutting to fit the increasing girth of the averagecustomer."

Vanity sizing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Ms. Shaw, the entrepreneur, is chief executive of a company called MyBestFit that addresses the problem. It is setting up kiosks in malls to offer a free 20-second full-body scan... customers then receive a printout of the sizes at each store that out to fit the customer best."  

MyBestFit is now

So what dress size do you REALLY take? We test the website that claims it will tell you

"Alas! I thought there was finally a magic solution to all our problems but no. It’s still going to be down to trial and error I’m afraid. It’s all about different shapes, sizes, tastes and styles so I think it’s always going to vary a bit."

Too bad this doesn't have more stores!

Another option is to always check the size charts for stores.
For example, Old Navy and all it's related stores have their sizing chart here.
Maurices sizing chart is here.

... but hey, don't listen to me or anyone, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane

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