Thursday, May 2, 2013


"P2MR focuses on temperament recognition, not personality recognition, although the two may be similar."

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen "Dreamer types...since they are identical twins (wrong), they are both the same temperament type. Both of them have eyes that do not focus to a point (line), aloof and mysterious demeanors ('In'), eyes that display emotional sensitivities (circle), and round/oval-shaped faces (wave), all common traits for Dreamer types. They are both Inhibited and suffer from anxiety as well." In-Line-Circle-Wave (Fire)
I did an earlier post What Type are the Olsen Twins?

Wikipedia: "Despite being very similar in appearance, they are not identical, but fraternal twins."

Teri & Linda Jamison, psychic twins, of the type Oracle.
  In-Curve-Circle-Point (Water)

Tegan and Sara Quinn are twin musicians of the rare type, Catalyst.
Out-Curviplex-Circle-Point (Water) (Inhibited types)

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