Curviplex Musicians

Curviplex is a feature of Paulos Recognition, which seeks to find MBTI-like aspects in faces.  Curviplex is roughly equivalent to abstract iNtuition, or the N in MBTI.  Apparently many musicians are Curves (short for Curviplex).  I'm trying to look at many Curves in order to better identify this feature, which relates to an intense gaze where the eyes are focusing on one point, rather than two parallel trajecories (the linear, or line).

"Lineal music (made by linear-thinking brains) is typically simple and straightforward.  This is why top-country music, rap and hip-hop music artists are linear-thinking types. Conversely, Curviplex music (made by layered non-linear thinkers) tends to be layered and often ambiguous.  Because of this fact, the top artists in classical, indie and alternative music genres are those who are born with the Curviplex trait."

Pinterest Board with more individual pics of all these band members: Curviplex Musicians (and the Lineal Musicians too)

Led Zepplin
drummer, John Bonham: Possibilitarian in-curve-circle-wave (water)
singer, Robert Plant: Oracle in-curve-circle-point (water)
guitarist, Jimmy Page: Expert in-curve-box-point (air)
guitar/bass, John Paul Jones: Catalyst out-curve-circle-point (water)

George Harrison: Oracle in-curve-circle-point (water)
John Lennon: Possibilitarian in-curve-circle-wave (water)
Ringo Starr: Imaginarian out-curve-circle-wave (water)
Paul McCartnery: Imaginarian out-curve-circle-wave (water)

Pink Floyd
not in order, I can't identify them
David Gilmour: Possibilitarian in-curve-circle-wave (water)
Roger Waters: Expert  in-curve-box-point (air)
Richard Wright: Imaginarian out-curve-circle-wave (water)
Syd Barrett: Possibilitarian in-curve-circle-wave (water)
(Nick Mason: Kinesthesian, drummer)

not in order, I can't identify them
Thom Yorke: Oracle in-curve-circle-point (water)
Colin Greenwood: Possibilitarian in-curve-circle-wave (water)
Johnny Greenwood: Oracle in-curve-circle-point (water)
Ed O'Brien: Expert  in-curve-box-point (air)
(Phil Selway: Kinesthesian, drummer)
Freddie Mercury:  Imaginarian out-curve-circle-wave (water)
Brian May: Expert  in-curve-box-point (air)
Roger Taylor: Possibilitarian in-curve-circle-wave (water), drums/vocals
(John Deacon: Kinesthesian, bass)

Bono:  Imaginarian out-curve-circle-wave (water)
Adam Clayton:  Imaginarian out-curve-circle-wave (water)
(Larry Mullen Jr., Dreamer)
(The Edge: Kinesthesian)

Rolling Stones
Mick Jagger: Oracle in-curve-circle-point (water)
Keith Richards: Oracle in-curve-circle-point (water)
Ronnie Woods: Catalyst out-curve-circle-point (water)
Charlie Watts: Expert  in-curve-box-point (air), drums

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