All Lineal Bands

Van Halen
Alex VanHalen: Kinesthesian
Wolfgang VanHalen: Dreamer
David Lee Roth: Action
Eddie VanHalen: Kinesthesian

and Metallica
Kirk Hammett: Dreamer
Lars Uhlrich: Dreamer

James Hetfield: Kinesthesian

Robert Trujillo: Kinesthesian

The Eagles
Joe Walsh: Brain
Don Henley: Finisher
Timothy Smith: Dreamer

Glen Frey: Action

"Lineal music (made by linear-thinking brains) is typically simple and straightforward.  This is why top-country music, rap and hip-hop music artists are linear-thinking types. Conversely, Curviplex music (made by layered non-linear thinkers) tends to be layered and often ambiguous.  Because of this fact, the top artists in classical, indie and alternative music genres are those who are born with the Curviplex trait."

Pinterest Board with more individual pics of all these band members:Curviplex Musicians (and the Lineal Musicians too)

... but hey, don't listen to me or anyone, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane