Tie Dye for the Types

Type 1

Tie Dye seems made for Type 1s, with it's animation, esp. in lighter tints.

Type 2

Try Soft Tie Dye
web page source (sorry no tutorial)

Type 3

Try Reverse Dye (using bleach)

Type 4

Try bold contrast that is more linear.
available at amazon (no tutorial)

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I just recently discovered your blog, unfortunately it was after I had already spent the money for the DYT course with Carol Tuttle...( in fact it was just a couple of days apart)...I was highly disappointed in the course and did not agree with some of the things that were being said...however there were some things that I did agree with...my learning experience from this is that I am the master and creator of my style...along the way I am free to pick and choose the advice of others...I am really new at this intentional focus on fashion and I have bookmarked you as one of my reads...I enjoy your honesty and fresh takes on the perspective of fashion.