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Feng Shui Facial Elements

Keep in mind, most people have a strong secondary element.

The Five Elements:

Water (fear) 
  • prominent feeling is fear
  • planet: mercury
  • mercury rising adds height and a pointed chin (not a feature of water)
  • mercury's rulership is Gemini and Virgo
  • chinese signs: rat or pig
  • season: winter
  • round or chubby face, or trapezhoid shaped face
  • full, prominent, blended lower cheeks
  • dark body coloring
  • black, charcoal or dark brown hair
  • dark brown, green, blue or gray eyes
  • deep toned skin
  • smaller top size than bottom, tear shaped body shape
  • unique or unusual fashions
  • high domed or rounded foreheads or prominent chins or determined jaws
  • open, dreamy looking or shadowed eyes
  • large soft, eyes

Wood (Anger)
  • prominent feeling is anger, or can overcompensate by being nice
  • planet: jupiter
  • jupiter's rulership is in Sagittarius and Pisces
  • jupiter rising adds height (and girth, not a feature of wood)
  • chinese signs: tiger, hare, dragon
  • season: spring, the time of planting seeds, growth, new beginnings
  • all wood people have tempers
  • long face and nose, broad and high forehead, narrow cheeks
  • strong brow bone
  • rectangle face shape with square shaped jaw or bottom wide trapezhoid face
  • longer face than it is wide
  • eyes have kindly look or intense gaze
  • eyebrows should not be thick or wiry, but will be prominent
  • cool, blue or green based body coloring
  • long, straight torso, elongated limbs
  • athletic or casual fashions
  • ash blonde or brown hair
  • blue, blue-green, or green eyes
  • focused piercing eyes, esp. when angry
  • olive skin
  • prominent brow or jaw
  • thick or heavy eye brows
  • wiry or willowy body
  • rectangle or columnar body shape

Fire (Joy)
  • prominent feeling is joy or happiness
  • planet: mars, the fiery planet
  • mars rising tends to be associated with red hair and redness in features
  • mars rulership in aries and scorpio
  • chinese signs: serpent, horse, sheep
  • season: summer, the time of heat, growth and most light
  • long face with narrow, prominent cheekbones
  • or oval or diamond or heart shaped face
  • pointed chin and more pointed forehead than wood type
  • pointed tips and points of all features, tip of nose, bow and ends of lips, outer eye corners and arc of eyebrows, tips of ears
  • freckles, red, curly or wiry hair, unruly
  • reddish body coloring
  • larger size top than bottom
  • triangular torso or body shape
  • elongated or slim body
  • long waist and narrow hips
  • very straight posture or slump, with weak chest
  • eye-catching, body conscious fashions
  • red, red/orange, or red/violet hair
  • red-brown or violet-blue eyes
  • ruddy, rosy, reddish skin
  • red blotches, pimples, veins or tips of features
  • sparkling eyes
  • bright smile or dimples, sign of fire charm
  • pointed features, such as pointed chin
  • cleft chin, mark of a performer
  • fires love attention

Earth (Worry)
  • prominent feeling is worry or sympathy
  • planet: saturn
  • saturn tends to be associated with shortness, thinness and boniness (not really earth)
  • saturn rulership in Capricorn and Aquarius
  • chinese signs: all 12 are earth, the earthy branches
  • season: the last 18 days of each of the four seasons, the times of transition
  • difficulty digesting not only food, but repercussions of upsetting situations
  • short square faces, with distinct jawlines
  • face is slightly wider than it is tall
  • or may be round or bottom wide trapezhoid faces
  • face has grounded feeling
  • may have double chin
  • sallow complexion
  • may have large mouth or other features
  • yellow or brown based coloring
  • full torso
  • classic or basic fashions
  • golden blonde or brown hair
  • topaz, hazel or brown eyes
  • golden beige or brown skin
  • sturdy or round body shape
  • rounded cheeks or full, generous mouth
  • full, fleshy chin, cheeks and earlobes
  • soft pads on chin, tip of nose, cheeks, upper eyelids
  • heavy upper arms

Metal (Grief)
  • prominent feeling is grief and insecurity, leading to empathy, compassion & gratitude
  • planet: venus
  • when venus is rising, one is more attractive, has a beautiful complexion and may have dimpled cheeks or a clef in chin
  • Venus rulership in taurus and libra
  • chinese signs: monkey, phoenix (rooster), dog
  • season: autumn, the time of harvest with a metal scythe, completion and beginning of rest
  • oval face with wide set, chiseled, chevron cheekbones
  • or may be round, triangle or diamond
  • pale coloring and complexion
  • sheen from face
  • clear, shining eyes
  • eyebrows are pale, hair usually straight
  • high eyebrows, somewhat aloof or shy
  • tight, delicate or curvy physique
  • even if overweight, small wrists and ankles
  • beautiful posture, elegance & poise
  • designer clothes
  • shapely or hourglass figure
  • white, gray or light blonde hair
  • pale gray, blue or green eyes
  • fair, ivory or porcelain skin
  • skin has a sheen or glow
  • thin, aquiline nose or high/prominent cheekbones
  • esp. attractive faces
  • long, slender nose
  • delicate bone structure
Zodiac signs (yang)MonkeyTigerRatHorseDragon/Dog
Zodiac signs (yin)RoosterRabbitPigSnakeOx/Sheep
Organs (Yin)LungLiverKidneyHeartSpleen
Organs (Yang)Large IntestineGall BladderUrinary BladderSmall IntestineStomach
Sensory OrgansNoseEyesEarsTongueMouth
Heavenly CreaturesWhite TigerGreen DragonBlack TortoiseVermilion BirdYellow Dragon
Heavenly StemsGeng XinJia YiRen GuiBing DingWu Ji
Year Ends with0, 14, 52, 36, 78, 9
It is also helpful to look at the planetary placement in terms of the astrological elements (Fire, Earth, Air, and Water) in your Birth Chart.  Feng Shui Wood and Earth are equivalent to astrological Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn),  Feng Shui Fire is equivalent to astrological Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), Feng Shui Water is equivalent to astrological Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), and Feng Shui Metal is equivalent to astrological Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius).  The Yin planets are the Moon, Venus, and Neptune, and the Yang planets are the Sun, Mars, and Uranus.  

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