What makes sense to me - draft

This is just one of many possible correlations, which is why I wrote a post on how this is a rabbit hole.

Personality Types of Famous People

Spring Type 1

ESFJ                                      ENFP
    Caregiver, Facilitator, Seller        Inspirers, Advocate, Enthusiast
ESFJ Fields                            ENFP Degeneres

Clear Spring                          Light Spring  
Air & Earth                          Air & Water


ESFP                                              ESTP
Entertainer, Performer, Motivator                              Doers, Promoters

ESFP Diaz                          ESTP Jovovich
Golden Spring                    Floral Bouquet
Warm Spring                        Clear Spring
Air & Fire                       Air & Winter

Absolute Spring, Warm Spring: 1/3 most outgoing, Light Spring: 1/2, Clear Spring 1/4, Light Spring Soft

Summer Type 2
INFP                                                   INFJ
Idealists, Healer, Seeker            Author, Counselor, Protectors
INFP Woolf                INFJ Beauvoir

INFP Apple                  INFJ Mulligan
Soft Summer Light              Soft Summer Deep

ISFP                             ISFJ
Artist, Composer                     Nurturers
unassuming                             Super Dependable

ISFP Princess Di              ISFJ Watts
 Light Summer                   Cool Summer

Absolute Summer, Soft Summer Light, Soft Summer Deep, Cool Summer, Light Summer

Autumn Type 3
                 ENFJ                                              ENTP
  Givers, Harmonizer, Teacher, Empathic       Visionaries, Explorer, Innovator         

          ENFJ Dole                          ENTP Anderson
Soft Autumn Deep                        Warm Autumn 

ESTJ                                      ISTP
Guardians, Supervisors                      Artisan, Crafter
Lean on Me                                  Just Do It

ESTJ Judge Judy              ISTP Stewart
Deep Autumn             Soft Autumn Light


Absolute, Soft Autumn Light, Soft Autumn Deep, Deep  Autumn, Warm Autumn

T4  Introverted Thinking
INTJ                                            INTP
Scientists                                  Thinkers
INTJ Rand                    INTP Arendt

INTJ Sontag                          INTP Fey
Deep Soft Winter          Deep Winter
          .                         Earth & Fire

ISTJ                                ENTJ
Duty Fulfillers,             Organizer, Leader, Strategist    
natural organizers                                             .
ISTJ Ali              ENTJ Thatcher       

ISTJ Portman                   ENTJ Adele
Cool Winter                    Clear Winter

Absolute Winter,
Deep Winter, Deep Winter Soft, Clear Winter, Cool Winter


kayleigh. said…
Interesting. I like what you're doing here. I am a 4/1 and an ENFP. I'm confused about whether you're saying all ENFP's are Spring. Maybe partially? I love your system.
Jane Leu Rekas said…
I will reply with a new post.