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Sunday, July 8, 2012

MBTI & Summer

This is just one of many possible correlations, which is why I wrote a post on how this is a rabbit hole.

Summers are - Emotional and Introverted
Water in DYT, Air in Color Psychology
Fiona Apple INFP Soft Summer Light**
dominant introverted feeling
Extroverted Auxiliary Intuition
Carey Mulligan INFJ Soft Summer Deep**
dominant introverted intuition
Extroverted Auxiliary Feeling
Princess Di ISFP Light Summer
she might be INFP
dominant introverted feeling
Extroverted Auxiliary Sensing
Naomi Watts ISFJ Cool Summer
dominant introverted sensing
Extroverted Auxiliary Feeling

**To make the 16 MBTI personalities match up with seasonal color analysis, I am using the 16 season color analysis system that is forecasted on Pretty Your World.

Dominant Functions 

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