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Some of the ways the various systems differ:

DYT has T1=air, T2=water.
Wright has T1=water, T2=air.

This is interesting because Chinese Face Reading says a water face is round, which is what is associated with T1, so that's one thing that might make more sense.  Wright says that T1=water that is moving especially, so high movement.

Color Words
Wright vs. Jesse & Joe

Spring: warm and essentially light, tints. no dark colors scarlet, coral, watermelon, peach, sunshine yellow, emerald green, apple, aquamarine, turquoise, cobalt blue, sky blue, lilac, violet, grey (warm and buoyant), warm  navy (no black)
Summer: virtually all tones with grey in them, no clear primary colors maroon, shell pink, rose pink, ashes of roses, plum, grapefruit, sage green, veridian, bottle green, powder blue, Royal Air Force blue, lavender, mauve... supportive neutrals: taupe, cool navy, mid-grey, oyster (no black or white)
Autumn: warm, more intense colors, mainly shades, no primaries vermillion, poppy, glame, burnt orange, rust, mustard, butter yellow, leaf green, olive green, forest green, teal blue, peacock, petret, aubergine, warm burgundy, neutrals are all warm browns (no black or white)
Winter: very strong primary colors, strong contrasts between hues, extreme tints and shades, but no tones. lemon yellow, pistachio, pillar box red, shocking pink, persian orange (a cold orange), jade green, creme de menthe, royal blue, ice blue, midnight blue, indigo, royal purple, black and white

Jesse & Joe
Sun: from peach to lemon, strawberry to mango, and lime to blueberry, shades on the sun palette are refreshing as sorbet.  tropical
Moon: cool colors, blues from turquoise to slate, sky to Tiffany, blue-reds to pinks, from fuschia to magenta,  rose to petal
Earth: colors from the forest, from ripe shades of berry and plum, to rich moss greens and browns, to brigh and cheery marigold, peony and lilac
Star: modern jewel tones, from luminescent pearl to rarest emerald, ruby red to deep lapis blue

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