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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Introverts use their dominant function in their inner world because, by definition, they prefer to live in their inner world. Their development of the dominant function is less visible." source

For example:
an ENFJ shows their dominant Feeling function to the world, 
whereas an INFJ keeps their dominant Intuition inward and shows their auxiliary Feeling

  • Dominant Function - This is the function that most strongly governs the personality.  It holds the strongest influence and is the function that one is most comfortable using.  Auxiliary Function - This is the second strongest preference and helps assist and balance the dominant function.
    Tertiary Function - This function can be a handicap early in life, but as one grows will develop into a helpful and eye-opening asset.
    Inferior Function - This function is a point of weakness.  It is mostly unconscious and often the cause of misunderstanding and stress.

     16 Types:  1st (Dominant) 2nd (Auxiliary) 3rd (Tertiary) 4th (Inferior)
    ESTJ Te Si Ne Fi
    ISTJ Si Te Fi Ne
    ESFJ Fe Si Ne Ti
    ISFJ Si Fe Ti Ne
    ESTP Se Ti Fe Ni
    ISTP Ti Se Ni Fe
    ESFP Se Fi Te Ni
    ISFP Fi Se Ni Te
    ENFJ Fe Ni Se Ti
    INFJ Ni Fe Ti Se
    ENFP Ne Fi Te Si
    INFP Fi Ne Si Te
    ENTJ Te Ni Se Ti
    INTJ Ni Te Fi Se
    ENTP Ne Ti Fe Si
    INTP Ti Ne Si Fe
e=extroverted, i=introverted

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