Sunday, July 8, 2012

MBTI & Winter

I'm pretty sure this correlation is wrong. There are a dozen correlations or so.

Winters are Earth - Introverted and Intellectual*
Susan Sontag INTJ Deep Winter Soft**
dominant introverted Intuition
Extroverts Auxiliary Thinking

Tina Fey INTP Deep Winter
dominant introverted Thinking
Extroverts Auxiliary Intuition

Natalie Portman ISTJ Cool Winter
dominant introverted Sensing
Extroverts Auxiliary Thinking

Adele ENTJ Clear Winter
Dominant Extroverted Thinking
auxiliary introverted intuition
*exception that is not introverted

**To make the 16 MBTI personalities match up with seasonal color analysis, I am using the 16 season color analysis system that is forecasted on Pretty Your World.

Dominant Functions 

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