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An Amazon Review and Comment from Author

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Dressing Your Truth, Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile
Dressing Your Truth, Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile
by Carol Tuttle
Edition: Perfect Paperback
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1.0 out of 5 stars ***Caygill, Rohm similarities, Listmania! of DYT-related books***April 13, 2011
I couldn't figure out why "Dressing Your Truth" was so similar to Youtube videos by John Kitchener PSC until I noticed Carol Tuttle wrote in "It's Just My Nature" about using notes from "Personal Style Consulting." (John Kitchener PSC?) She also wrote that she was originally typed by Taylore B. Sinclaire in Illuminessence. She wrote she didn't know the origins, so I started looking...

The most similar books to "Dressing Your Truth" and "It's Just My Nature" are by:

Suzanne Caygill (Color: The Essence of You) and her student Angela Wright (The Beginner's Guide to Colour Psychology).

The most similar 4-Temperaments-only book to "Dressing Your Truth" and "It's Just My Nature" is by:

Robert Rohm ( Who Do You Think You Are Anyway?)

Examples of similarities:

Caygill Spring: "The face is generally rounded-rounded cheeks, eye, nose, chin--or it may be heart shaped with pointed chin...dimples."
Tuttle Type 1: "Face shape: circular or heart shaped." "Cheeks: circles...dimples" "Nose: circle shape."

Caygill Spring: "Frolicsome" "Enchanting" "Effervescence" "dapper" "Sprightliness"
Tuttle Type 1: "Frolicsome" "Enchanting" "Effervescent" "Dapper" "Sprightly"

Caygill Spring: "often the life of the party"
Tuttle Type 1: "often the life of the party"

Caygill Summer: "Picturesque" "S-curve" "soft spoken" "Iridescent" "Etherealness" "Exquisiteness" "Cameos"
Tuttle Type 2: "Picturesque" "S-curve" "Soft-spoken" "Iridescent" "Ethereal" "Exquisite" "Cameo-quality"

Caygill Summer: "her walk graceful" "with a fluid motion"
Tuttle Type 2: "graceful walk...fluid flowing movement"

Caygill Summer: "meticulous attention to detail"
Tuttle Type 2: "meticulous nature and attention to detail"

Caygill Summer: "Usually the fingers are tapered, long and slender."
Tuttle Type 2: "Long fingers that taper"

Caygill Autumn keyword list: "Resplendent" "Dashing" "Gypsy-like" "Bizarre"
Tuttle Type 3 keyword list: "Resplendent" "Dashing" "Gypsy-like" "Bizarre"

Caygill Autumn: "Points, as in the contours of a maple leaf" "firm of step "
Tuttle Type 3: "Maple Tree...It's leaves are angular" "Walking: firm plant of your feet"

Caygill Autumn: "Tangy" "Glowing" "Tawny" "Metallic" "Zestful" "Adventuresome" "Swiftness"
Tuttle Type 3: "Tangy" "Glowing" "Tawny" "Metallic" "Zesty" "Adventurous" "Swift"

Caygill Winter: "contemporary furnishings...modern design."
Tuttle Type 4: "interior design is what we call modern and contemporary."

Caygill Winter: "roses, large and single"
Tuttle Type 4: "a single, long-stemmed rosebud"

Caygill Winter: "high cheek bones" "motivated toward perfection" "fir"
Tuttle Type 4: "high cheek bones" "tendency towards perfection" "Noble Fir"

Caygill Winter: "Suave" "Luminous" "Scintillating" "commanding" "gallantry"
Tuttle Type 4: "Suave" "Luminous" "Scintillating" "Commanding" "Gallant"

Rohm Type I: "Likes to do things: The fun way."
Tuttle Type 1: "You look for fun ways to accomplish the things you want to do."

Rohm Type S: "Slow down-help me!" "thinks and considers at a slower pace"
Tuttle Type 2: "You may require others to slow down" "your thoughts are slower"

Rohm Type S: "Do not be pushy." "Don't put them in a corner, they will crumble."
Tuttle Type 2: "Don't get pushy...They will retreat."

Rohm Type S: "allow them to ask questions"
Tuttle Type 2: "Allow them to ask questions."

Rohm Type D: "checking off their itemized and prioritized 'To Do' list as they accomplish each item"
Tuttle Type 3: "check it off my list" "write on our to-do lists tasks we have already accomplished just for the satisfaction of checking them off the list"

Rohm Type D: "Killer Statement:'You can't do that!'"
Tuttle Type 3: "don't tell them they can't do it"

Rohm Type D : "Pioneering" "Get the job done" "to-the-point" "'movers and shakers'" "self-starters"
Tuttle Type 3 keyword list: "Pioneering" "Get the job done" "To the point" "Mover & shaker" "Self-starter"

Rohm Type C: "color 'inside the lines'"
Tuttle Type 4: "color within the lines"

The quote "Ready--Fire--Aim!" in "It's Just My Nature" also appears in Rohm's Positive Personality Profiles: Discover Personality Insights to Understand Yourself and Others

Rohm is a PhD-level human behavior expert; Tuttle is an unlicensed EFT Tapping practitioner (NOT a psychotherapist as Amazon's Dressing Your Truth paperback page claims).

Books by Suzanne Caygill and her student, Angela Wright, have similar: 4 energy types, behavior and personality profiling, body language, facial profiling, design lines, textures, fabrications, patterns, prints, colors, jewelry, interior design, keywords, shapes, Yin Yang concepts etc. to "Dressing Your Truth" & "It's Just My Nature." Rohm's "Who Do You Think You Are Anyway?" has 4 temperament types and similar behavior and personality profiling to "Dressing Your Truth" & "It's Just My Nature."

Initial post: Jul 2, 2012 10:14:13 PM PDT
LovingMom says:
Hi this is the author. This is fascinating to me since I have never read or studied the books mentioned and which my writing is being compared to. I have never heard of the authors. I am fascinated and believe that truth comes to those who seek it and it is meant to be shared in their own unique voice. I do share in "It's Just My Nature" that I did a short training with Taylore Sinclaire, but never was trained by her and that my mother had gone through the PSC system in 1981 and shared her hand-written notes with me only after I had created Energy Profiling many years later (she is a Type 2 and has a tendency to hang on to things!" ). This was helpful for legal reasons so those who claimed to be the original authors could be disputed, as is noted by this review that numerous people have been authors of their own interpretation of these truths and understandings. I am not the creator of these truths, only the creator of my unique way of understanding them and teaching them. Thanks for taking all the time to do the research to make this comparison.

So she has never heard of Caygill, Wright, Rohm?! but does acknowledge input from Sinclaire and Personal Style Counselors. [Sinclaire and Kitchener received credentialing from Caygill and Caygill's blessing to teach her method].  See previous post: More Truth Exposed