Saturday, November 23, 2013

More on determining your Faces Shape

One distinction you can make between overall face shapes is angled vs. contoured.   

Angled faces shapes: 
diamond (pointed chin, prominent cheekbones, medium or narrow forehead, not rounded like heart)

verticle or inverted triangle (pointed chin, much wider forehead, not rounded like heart)

wide bottom triangle (or hexagon) (jawline much more angular than true pear)
rectangle (much more angular than oblong, squared off jaw)

square (noticeable square jaw, close to same width and height)

Contoured face shapes: 

While Reese is said to be the postergirl for heart shaped face, Jennifer Love Hewett has the widow's peak that is even more accurate
heart (prominent rounded chin, wide forehead, with widow's peak)

oblong (rounded jaw and forehead, longer face)
pear (wider jaw than forehead, rounded edges)
oval (actually sort of egg shaped, chin slightly narrower than forehead, rounded)

round (round jaw and hairline)

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