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Earring shapes for Springs

Spring celebs

The shapes for spring are circles, hearts, and stars. Jewelry helps a T1 add animation to their outfits.  Typically they wear gold tones, unless they are a 1/2 light spring who might be more neutral.

Cameron Diaz
Here's Cameron in the right circular shape for spring.

These shapes are wrong because spring's movement is upward. At least the gold earring matches the gold of her hair. She always looks off when she tries to go for summer or autumn.

She can contrast her white blonde hair with black, but it's more appropriate for a clear spring.

Taylor Swift
This circular gold earring matches Taylor's hair perfectly  and is just the right shape for spring. The green earrings aren't quite the right shape but while they also don't match her eyes, they match the brightness.

This tonal quality of these earrings match her hair and it's texture, though they are quite downward, but perhaps her secondary is 2?

Trying to make her appear sophisticated, only appears heavy, as do the dark dangling earrings.

She is sometimes put in other categories, but often Spring.

I really like both of these unusual looks for Beyonce'. Both have animation and circular movement and match her hair tone.

Ok, circles are for Spring, but come on!  lol Although she is always beautiful...

Here are two pairs that would be more appropriate for Autumns, in shape, which of course some people consider Beyonce' to be. But with her hair, she'd do better with light gold.

Amy Adams
Although you can't really see it, here's Amy in a perfect spring hoop to match her hair.  
I love this necklace and earring set for a Spring!
The shapes on both these earrings are pretty good.

Not earrings, but a perfect spring necklace.

The lightness of both of these earrings are ok, but the downward movement isn't right for spring.

Nicole Kidman
The tone of these earrings matches her hair so well!

Here she's wearing the circular hoops for spring, which work, but are just ok.  The interesting thing about this outfit is the sequined dickie that is used as a necklace and ties in her hair and contrasts this blue she wouldn't otherwise be able to wear.

The delicacy of both of these pairs goes with her face and eyes, but are too downard.

Both of these shapes are wrong for her.

Here are some other celebs in the classic Spring shapes:
However, are they all Springs?

Type 1 shapes: circle because it represents bouncing off all the edges, heart because it echoes a common type 1 face shape, star because it is animated and triangle when it is small and equilateral.

Read about the meanings of various shapes here.

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