Earring Shapes for Autumns

Autumn Celebs

Autumn shapes are triangles, squares and leaves. Don't forget also that T3s where a lot of layered jewelry, organic pieces, statement necklaces and texture. They typically wear gold unless they are more neutral.

Debra Messing
Here's Debra in the perfect autumn earring.
And here she is in another set of leaf earrings.

She can wear a lot of drama, which works in this autumn shape with gold, and also the autumn colors with texture and dangle, even though they are made up of circles.

The color and shape of these dramatic earrings, however, do nothing for her.

Julianne Moore

You can't go wrong with green and the red hair, but the shape is off in both.

These match her hair tone so well, you almost can't see them in this pic.

The problem with all these sparkles is you lose the asset of her beautiful red hair.

Why they insist on putting her in black so often, I will never know, but at least these earrings have autumn complexity.

These match the gold tone of her dress perfectly.

Fergie is apparently a huge fan of earrings.

She is a soft autumn, though her hair often goes out of range. She can handle a lot of drama, though these first earrings are garrish.  
These are very good for autumn with their sharp angles.

But then she tends to go very spring with her penchant for hoops.

J Lo

Jennifer is probably autumn, though she can be styled in several seasons.  Here she's in spring hoops but dressed in winter black.

She actually wears a lot of spring shapes, large and small.
Here's a sort of summer shape.

I guess these are autumn as they make a triangle.

Mariah Carey

Here's Mariah in her truest to Autumn, texture and all.

When she goes sleek in hair and earrings, it feels forced.

Vanessa Williams 

Vanessa is either a soft autumn or soft summer.

This is wrong for either.

All good colors for her, but spring shapes.

This pair on the left might be Autumn.  The blue on the right is more Summer.

The shape and color works for soft summer.

Here are some celebs in leaf shaped earrings for autumn, whether they are that season or not

Type 3 shapes: all of these shapes are more organic and show the driven energy of the type.  The type 3 triangle should not be equilateral, should perhaps have a sharp edge feel to it, and fire is represented by a triangle that points upwards.
Read about the meanings of various shapes here.

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