Determining Your Face Shape

I find that this is one of the most subjective aspects for yourself or others.  You can see this immediately if you start googling face shape, and you'll find celebrities determined to be more than one shape.  (Elsewhere I talk about facial shape and type.)

I didn't have time to give the links, but here are some examples, some which everyone agrees on and some where there is disagreement:
said to be the most common face shape
one thing I learned from Paulos is that the oval can have a bit of a pointy chin, it doesn't have to be flat
Very commonly seen as oval: Megan Fox and Eva Mendes

Seen often as oval: Julia Roberts and Natalie Portman,
but you also see Natalie as heart and square

Natalie Imbruglia, Keira Knightly also said to have a round and square face.
Jessica Alba
Britney Spears and Charlize Theron are ovals.

Cameron and Kirsten are always associated with the round face.
(except once I saw Cameron as heart)

Drew and
Ginnifer and Maggie usually shown as round faced.
Here Keira is said to have a round face.
Kelly Clarkson and Kelly Osbourne are more often seen as pear
Nobody can agree on Cristina Ricci, described as round, but also heart, pear and square.


Reese is the poster girl for heart shaped face, with it's specific chin.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is another classic heart shape

Scarlett is also called the similar shape, Diamond.

here's Cameron considered heart (instead of round)
Jennifer Garner and Natalie Portman have been called heart shaped,
though Natalie is more often called oval.
Jennifer Aniston considered heart shape face.
Venus Williams considered "acorn" shape, similar shape.
Katie is said to have a heart (or triangular) shaped face (but also square).
Crisina Ricci is described as a square face (but elsewhere heart, pear and round).

Triangle (wide top)
Elizabeth Hurley said to have triangle face shape, but also described as heart shape and diamond shape.  Triangle is similar to heart shape, and once I've seen Reese given that label.


Jennifer Aniston has been said to have a diamond face shape, as does Posh Spice. I also seen Jennifer described to have a heart shape face.

Selma Blair and Olivia Munn have diamond shaped faces.

Kate Bosworth is said to have a diamond face shape as is Rhianna, but she's also described as square.
Scarlett is said to also be heart shaped in addition to the label here of diamond.  Madonna is said to have the quintessential diamond shape face.
Elizabeth Hurley said to have a diamond shape face here.

Jacki O. had the quintessential square face.

Both of these pics of Keira were used to describe her as having a square face, while she does have a strong jaw, there's more of a slope to it than some square faces.
Nicole Ritchie is said to have a square face shape, but I've also seen round, heart, pear for her.  Her bff Paris definitely has a square face.
Jenna Elfman is said to have a square face, but I've also seen round and pear.

Lucy Liu and ? are described as having square shaped faces.
People usually refer to Minnie Driver as having a pear shaped face and Natalie as having an oval one, though I found them described to have square shape faces also.
Renee Zellwegger is described as having a square shape face as is Rhianna (though also seen as diamond).
Sandra Bullock and Jessica Simpson have square shape faces.

Emily Deschannel and Jennifer Garner have square faces (though Jennifer is also described as having a hear shape face).

Katie Holmes is said to have a square face, but also heart shaped.

Triangle (wide bottom) or Pear

Most say Drew has a square shape, but I've also seen her described as having a pear shaped face.
Kelly Clarkson and Kelly Osbourne have pear shaped faces (though also described elsewhere as round).
Minnie Driver is most often described as having a pear shaped face.

Cristina described as pear (but also round, heart and square)
Renee Zellweger described as pear (and square)

Oblong or Long


Long Square (rectangle)

Angelina Jolie is often called a square face, though it seems long square.

Kirsten Wiig and Olivia Wilde are also long squares.

If you google this topic, you get a lot of instructions on measuring your face.  This has only limited merit.  It is a bit hard to measure something that is not linear.

This is fun at pointing out the features of many face shapes:

Multiple Angles
My suggestion is that you really need to look at multiple pictures of yourself from various angles. I would also include profile shot because your jaw determines a lot as well.  It also helps to look at your face in group shots, to compare with other people's faces.  I really discovered this when doing a past post on Stella McCartney.

Hairstyles for face shapes

I love this!
Other shapes

... but hey, don't listen to me, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane


Kim B said…
Great overview! The first unnamed actress (next to Selma Blair) is Olivia Munn, co-star of NBC's "Perfect Couples." In some photos she also looks rather oval-faced to me (