Earring Shapes for Summers

Summer celebs

The quintessential shape for T2 is the teardrop or oval with downward movement like water. T2s where jewelry that blends with them, their hair color and the shapes of their garments.  They typically wear silver, though often brushed (muted).

Princess Diana
Princess Di was a true or light summer and a T2, probable 2/1.

With short hair she favored smaller earrings, rarely dangling, which is more conservative.  She often wore gold and round earrings also, more true to her secondary and coordinating with her hair.  
I like how these match the highlights in her hair.

A tiny drop in these earrings

such perfect colors for light summer
Diana's sapphire earrings were made into drops for Kate.


As a soft summer, Sarah can wear a lot more texture and movement.

Lauren Graham
Because Lauren's hair is often so dark, she might be thought of as a winter, but I see her as a contrasting summer.  Here she looks "ok" in the red dress, but the gold earrings are awful.

She can almost wear black with her hair color, but I feel it makes her look drab and these round hoops (spring) do nothing for her.

It's also debatable whether she can wear white, but these gold autumn earrings are also wrong.  
The color and drape of this dress is actually lovely on her, but the earrings are perhaps too icy.  What do you think?
Here's an interesting comparison with silver and gold tones of the same shape earrings.  The black in the first pic feels heavier than the brown in the right, although both match the color her hair is dyed at the moment.  Both work for her actually, in part because she is so pretty, but also because she skirts summer and winter.  And a summer can match their hair color.  The shiny quality of the brown jacket does sort of allow her to wear the gold tone earrings, and the downward motion works.

Emily Deschannel

Emily is a beautiful example of a summer celeb, and here she is in some flattering dangling earrings.

The blue of her dress on the right is good, but the earrings clash and the animated shape doesn't fit her smooth features.

These pairs are too autumn for her.

And these are too spring.

Leona Lewis

Leona is a soft summer and you actually can't find many pics of her with earrings, as she often relies on her lovely mane as her accessory focus.

Jada Pinkett Smith

Some consider Jada to be a soft summer as well,  These two earrings have some downward movement and match her tone.


Naomi Watts

These match her hair, but almost get lost.

Here are some non-Summer celebs in tear drop earrings:

Type 2 shapes: all of these shapes represent water.

Read about the meanings of various shapes here.

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