Zyla's Summer

Zyla's Classic Summer

The Classic Beauty
cool or light summer

Thomas Gainsborough

Zyla's Jeweltone Summer

The Glamorous Career Girl
cool deep summer


Zyla's Sunset Summer

The Elegant Bohemian
deep clear summer

Jean Baptiste-Camille Corot

Zyla's Dusky Summer

The Earth Mother
soft summer

Maxfield Parish

Zyla's Renaissance Summer

The Drama Queen
soft summer, nearest to an autumn


Iridescent Summer 
The Mysterious Mermaid
light summer



JA said…
Colleen said when she was reading the Renaissance Summer description, it sounded like me. After reading it and thinking on the colors, it does "feel" right and may explain why I don't feel settled as a Spring or Autumn, but something in between.
Christina said…
I know you based the seasons on the celebrity - but he said in the book that the renaissance summer was almost more of a "softest autumn" - and based on the drawings I really see that - a almost autumn soft summer.
Unknown said…
Am I taking it too literally?
I thought David Zyla so approach was to wear just the colours you find yourself in the book, or are there more colours and I just took it too literally? Lol