It's like being a recovering Catholic...

So here my blog sits, a toddler only, having just shifted from a year long disheartening reaction to DYT, going through IE, and landing on Color Psych.  But sometimes, many times, I wonder why I don't just walk away from it all?  So it occurs to me, it's like I'm a recovering Catholic... still kinda catholic.

And then I come back to a theme.  I once told a DYT group on FB that I am not a fundamentalist, but a relativist, ultimately stating that I couldn't accept every single doctrine as golden.  (Funny, I don't even remember why I said it at the time).  I was kicked out of the group.  (This is common).

There are two problems.  DYT is quite addicting.  There is an endless, generous quantity of videos to watch and details to learn.  And by their own description, as a Type 2, I love details.  Then DYT has a charismatic leader and a set of absolute rules, followed by a golden pile promised at the end of the rainbow.  (This is also promised by IE).  What is that promise?

The ultimate carrot of DYT is that you will be loved.  You will be accepted.  Your insides will match your outsides and thus people won't argue with you, or be surprised by your behaviors.

Funny, that doesn't happen - at all - anywhere - over and over.  And that includes reactions to Carol herself.  She couldn't dress anymore T3 and it is still harsh, insensitive, and often mean.  But hey, that's just T3s, right?  No, it's not justifiable.

IE promises you will lose weight and even have health miracles.  Ha, I gained 25 pounds during this near year of dressing Tone II.  But I put the sugar in my mouth, I'm not blaming IE.  But there was no miracle still.

So one thing I like about color psych so far, is no fancy promises other than simple harmony.  Also, Wright seems to coordinate with your coloring.  IE says it isn't about coloring, but it actually never clashes with it.  I think Carol's idea that you can disregard coloring is misled.  And it leads to many people agonizing over what type they are when maybe that's unnecessary.


There are some fundamental, universal truths in DYT, and some poppycock.  The truth existed (way) before DYT and is recognized by other authors (who are less proprietary).  I guess I'm a public critic - never a fun or comfortable place to be.

To keep with the religious metaphor, there are fundamentalist Catholics and mystical ones.  There are nuns who practice Reiki for instance.

As an aside, DYT and IE are actually quite metaphysical.  but that doesn't make it mystical.

I realize I don't even have a problem with the idea that you must follow all the design rules for the type or tone you are.  I see the point of communicating a resonating harmony.  That's the basis of Wright's color psych too.

It's the culture of don't question our fearless leader ... when it's not her ideas - they are so many other places too.

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