Varieties of Hair Color

"There are blonds, brunettes and redheads - as well as less distinctive colouring - in each of the four personality types.  However, the precise tones do vary.  For example, the natural red hair of a Type 1 personality is likely to be lighter and slightly pinker than that of Type 3 redhead.

Descriptors such as Titian, Copper or Ginger apply to Type 1,

whilst Chestnut, Russet or Auburn would be Type 3 hair colors."  Angela Wright

Also, those with black hair are only in the Type 4 category.

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koolaidhair said…
What about blonde with a hint of red?
Jane Leu Rekas said…
Probably Morninglight...
Millie Page said…
The varieties of color leads me to a very light consideration about individuals society. Those people which is fan of hard colors are people with strong personality and those people fan of light colors are those people with less considering personality. These were just my opinion and there's nothing to deal it with serious matter.