Various Labels for the Seasons

Color Analysis Comparison
Beauty for All Seasons

Color Me A Season

The sorting of these types is far from perfect.

Spring Early, Sunny Spring, Sun, Morninglight, Absolute, True Spring BFAS Color Alliance
Spring: Light, True, Vivid, Contrasting
Spring with Summer Buoyant, Miscievous, Tawny,Classic, Pastel, Golden, Light Spring Amber, Animated, Brilliant, Bronze, Celadon, Chestnut, Chromian, Coralline, Crimson, Exuberant, Genetian, Golden, Honey-toned, Jeweled, Jeweltone, Lazurli, Opaline, Perillian, Prismatic, Radiant, Sapphire, Sedona, Sienna, Spectral, Sunburst, Sunlit, Tellurian, Topaz, Ultramarine, Vibrant, Vital '
Spring with Autumn Glorious, Gentle, Floral, Warm Spring
Spring with Winter Striking, Vital, Floral Bouquet, Radiant, Bright, Clear Spring
Summer Dreamlight, Twilight, Moon, Absolute, True Summer Summer: Light, True, Vivid, Contrasting
Summer with Spring Renaissance, Iridescent, Rose Garden, Platinum, Light Summer Azure, Crystaline, Diamond, Emerald, Exquisite, Garnet, Iridescent, Luminant, Lustrous, Opalescent, Platinum, Porcelain, Quartz, Resplendent, Silver
Summer with Autumn Twilight, Dusky, Indian, Gentle, Floral, Ethereal, Heather, Sunset, Soft Summer
Summer with Winter Moonlight, Bright, Classic, Jeweltone, English, Serene, Elegant, Rose, Cool Summer
Autumn  Sunset, Earth, Firelight, Absolute, True,Autumn Autumn: Light, True, Vivid, Contrasting
Autumn with Spring Metallic, spice, tawny, bronze, bird of paradise, topaz, chestnut Golden, Classic, Copper, Warm Autumn Acriline, Ajanine, Azuline, Bordeaux, Candescent, Carmine, Castilian, Centrum, Chromalit, Cinnabar, Citron, Crescent, Cresset, Emeraude, Glassene, Golden Chrome, Indigo, Mellow, Mosaic, Opulaent, Panache, Persimmon, Radiant, Rich, Saffron, Sparkling, Spectralit, Spectrene, Tranque, Ultrian
Autumn with Summer Mellow, Gentle, Heather, Amber, Candlelight, Soft Autumn
Autumn with Winter firelight, forest, feline rembrandt, pewter, Bronze, Striking, Bright, Dark, Deep Autumn
Winter Classic, Glorious, Dramatic, Starlight, Star, Absolute, Cool Winter Winter: Light, True, Vivid, Contrasting
Winter with Spring Sparkling, Fireworks, Vivid, Champagne, Playful, Bright, Firelight Winter, Clear Winter Alizarin, Aurora, Baroness, Borealis, Dynamic, Exotic, Imperial, Majestic, Meridian, Nova, Polestar, Royale, Solar, Sparkling, Striking, Tiara
Winter with Summer soft morning mist, classic, regal, patrician, Exotic, True, Cool Winter
Winter with Autumn Dynamic, Sunset, Operatic, Exotic, Sophisticated, Snow Frost, Antique, Dark, Deep Winter

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