Caygill's Eye Colors

  Spring: The face is generally rounded - rounded cheeks, eyes, nose, and chin - or it may be heart shaped with pointed chin.  Usually there are indentations under high cheek bones, and often dimples.
Styling Lines: Buoyant (rounded, circles, floral shapes) or Piquant (semi-curve with a point)
Metals: pale yellow gold, in light filigree, open shapes  Lipstick: clear red and orange red
Early Spring, Golden Spring, Floral Spring, Vital Spring

(Light) Early Spring eyes: veridian, cerulean, payne's gray
(Warm) Floral Spring eyes: veridian, cerulean blue, verde green, chrome yellow, umber
(Warm) Golden Spring eyes: cerulean, ultramarine blue, transparent veridian, and verde
(Clear) Vital Spring eyes: ultramarine, cerulean, payne's gray, verde green

artists rendition of Viridian
cerulean blue

Transparent Viridian becoming to all types. Hues include aqua, aquamarine, tourmaline, bottle green. Spring wears the colors clear, Summer wears them muted, Autumn wears them toned and can add turquoise and peacock, Winter wears the pure pigment.

grey eyes
Payne’s Gray (blue-gray) basis for gunmetal, steel, lead, slate. Used by Winters and some Summers including those with pink skin tone. Can be in a Spring eye color.

amber eyes
can't find chrome yellow
 this is wrong

verde green
artists version of umber

Summer: Usually the fingers are tapered, long and slender.
Styling Lines: the S curve
Metals: silver, platinum or soft rose gold, anything twisted, curled or braided  Lipstick: blue red

Iridescent Summer, Jewel Tone and Rose Summer, Twilight and Dusky Summer

Iridescent Summer eyes: ultramarine, transparent viridian, payne's gray
Jewel Tone and Rose Summer eyes: gray-green, gray-blue, verde, ultramarine
Twilight and Dusky Summer eyes: rose madder, brown madder, payne's gray, davy gray, thio, thalo violet

gray green
gray blue
payne's gray
davy gray

Autumn: The features are fairly strong and definite.
Styling Lines: swiftness, points as in leaves and feathers
Metals: gold, ornamental jewelry, multiple strands  Lipstick: orange red and clear red

Metallic Autumn, Tawny Autumn, Bronze and Mellow Autumn

Bronze and Mellow autumn eyes: chromium oxide, chrome and umber blend, persian gold, van dyke brown
Metallic Autumn eyes: chrome green, transparent viridian, cerulean
Tawny Autumn eyes: green, aquamarine, sulphuric yellow, persian gold

chrome and umber?
persian gold? 
chrome green

cerulean blue
artists rendition of Viridian
sulphuric yellow eyes

Winter:  striking, contrasting coloring
Styling Lines: smooth undulating lines, contrast, boldness
Metals: silver, large, smooth, dramatic, simple  Lipstick: match outfit

Classic and Soft Winter, Patrician Winter, Dynamic Winter, Exotic Winter

Dynamic winter eyes: burnt umber, chrome green
Exotic Winter eyes: chrome green, chromium oxide
Patrician winter eyes: payne's or davy gray

chrome green
payne's gray
davy gray


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The color terms are unusual for describing eyes, but not outdated at all. Caygill was an artist and she used the names of artists' paint pigments. Any painter will recognize the names. Reading other parts of Caygill's book, she seems to use pigment names to describe the paints she would use to mix into the colors of the body, not the body colors themselves. Which would explain chrome yellow for the eyes, for example. I don't think she's saying that any eye would be pure chrome yellow. I think she's saying that chrome yellow would be one of the paints she would use to paint a Floral Spring's eye, mixed with varying amounts of viridian, cerulean, verde, and umber. But she wouldn't use chrome yellow to paint a Golden Spring's eye.