Monday, June 11, 2012

The 16 Season Color Analysis System

Lora Alexander wrote on her blog:

"The 4x4 color system was developed by Certified Image Professional Consultant Ferial Youakim, AICI CIP.

The new 16 categories of seasonal color analysis, officially known as the 4x4 Color System© has each of the original 4 seasons (Winter, summer, Autumn and Spring) broken down into 4 sub-categories based on whether the person needs -

  • The purest, most saturated colors for that main season

  • Colors that are slightly lighter than the purest colors (tinted)

  • Colors that are slightly muted with grey (toned)

  • Colors that are slightly deepened with black (shaded)"

So what exactly are the 4 additional seasons? They are:
  • Deep Winter Soft
  • Light Spring Soft
  • Soft Autumn Light (The Soft Autumn season was split into two)
  • Soft Autumn Deep
  • Soft Summer Light (The Soft Summer season was split into two)
  • Soft Summer Deep


Lisa said...

What would these new sub-seasons look like? I've never fit into one of the 12 so I'm wondering if I might be one of the new shades.

(Dark caramel blonde hair with golden highlights, dark eyes of the green/brown hazel, and super light ivory skin)

I used to think soft summer, but my eyes are not right, and I am definitely not an autumn because yellow and olive suck the life out of me, and winter there are no blondes.

Jane Leu Rekas said...

I will answer with a post.

Jane Leu Rekas said...

@Lisa, did you see I posted on this?