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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fashion Feng Shui

The Transformational Triad concept leads us to balance our essence with our intention that changes over time to create a harmonious appearance.

  • Essential Energy (ESSENCE) is unconsciously expressed. It is the energetic lens through which you see the world, the assimilation of your core (driving force), character (emotional nature), and conduct (way of being) – the unique "essence"... that is you.
  • Intentional Energy (INTENTION) is consciously created. It is the energy attached to what you have "in mind" to be, do and have.
  • Visual Energy (APPEARANCE) is physically transmitted. It is the vibrational pattern created by "how you look," influenced by the energies inherent in your physical coloring and body shape, and the colors, patterns, textures, fabrics and silhouettes of the clothes you wear.


If you are involved in the community or family-oriented activities or want to feel stable, grounded, and essential, wear the Earth Element
Colors: Brown, yellow, terra cotta
Patterns: Checks, plaids
Fabrics: Tweed, flannel, textured
Shapes: Boxy
Earth is nuturing.
Earth personalities exude serenity and a genuine concern for others.  Earth’s basic nature is to protect and sustain life.  Earth types can easily be taken advantage of due to their trusting nature.  They are totally trustworthy in any relationship.


If you are involved in social or communication-related activities or want to feel dramatic, wear the Fire Element.
Colors: Red, orange, purple
Patterns: Pointed designs, animal prints
Fabrics: Satin and shiny textures
Shapes: Angular and form fitting
Fire is passion.
A FIRE person is charismatic and has extraordinary energy.  Fire types are at the heart of the action. Others are drawn to their engaging personality. If the FIRE is not contained, FIRE personality traits can become out of control.


If you are involved in health-related or athletic activities or want to feel energized and active, wear the Wood Element.
Colors: Green, blue
Patterns: Vertical patterns and stripes
Fabrics: Cotton, linen, ribbed fabrics
Shapes: Columnar shapes
Wood is growth.
Wood types are adventurous, outgoing and social. They are competitive with others and with themselves in achieving their goals.  They strive to be number one and at times, set impossible goals. Wood types are very likeable and make great friends.


If you are involved in artistic, intellectual, and spiritual activities, or want to feel elegant and project strength, wear the Water Element.
Colors: Black, navy, deep blue
Patterns: Wavy, paisley, abstract
Fabrics: Sheer, chiffon, velvet
Shapes: Flowing
Water is wisdom.
Water types tend to be reflective, and mediate to maintain balance.  They are always seeking ways to improve.  They are apt to listen deeply and understand both sides of an issue.  It is important for Water types to be balanced, as too little or too much water can be destructive.


If you are involved with cultural activities or want to feel elegant and stand apart, wear the Metal Element.
Colors: White, pastel, metallic
Patterns: Round, dots, scrolls
Fabrics: Polished, glittery, shiny
Shapes: Curvy
Metal is purity.
Metal types prefer just the facts and don’t like to be bothered with descriptive language or explanations.  They are highly disciplined and detail-oriented which can be an asset or liability, depending on the level of their obsession.  They can focus their attention and complete any task.


Jeanine Byers said...

These are awesome, Jane! I am thinking that for DYT type 3, I would need to combine Earth and Fire, based on the DYT online course. So it's interesting that FFS breaks it up into two elements.

Yelena Starikova said...

This is AMAZING!!! I knew that colors and personality are connected but here is so much more!

Jane, keep posting please!)

Seasonal Color Analysis

Evana Maggiore said...

Dear Jane
Thank you for sharing Sue's video and my work with your group. Would love to learn more about DYT and how it relates to FFS.
Many blessings,
Evana Maggiore
Creator of Fashion Feng Shui