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Friday, August 5, 2011

Color Me A Season

Color Me Beautiful, by Carol Jackson, was published in 1987 (perhaps a revised edition?).  Color Me A Season by Bernice Kenter came out in 1979 and yet is more complex or led to a 16 type system.

The Color Me A Season website is well organized and pretty, though ultimately leaves you wanting more.  It's certainly more modern than the book, which is in part hilarious when you get to the dated photographs.

"Using the proven techniques of seasonal color analysis, you can discover your season, gain confidence in your appearance and personality, and start on the road to a brand new you. Color Me A Season is the industry leader in seasonal color analysis, and has been helping people find their colors for over 25 years.

With a wide variety of books, training materials, color consultants, skin care products, and cosmetics, you can discover a level of beauty you've only dreamed about. Once you've discovered seasonal color analysis for yourself, you can become a color consultant too, and help others discover true beauty in the colors of their seasons."

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