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Monday, August 8, 2011

Soft Summer?

I'm pretty happy with Cool Summer, though I'm so ready to be done with challenge!  Anyway, the other contender in the background has always been Soft Summer.

Cool Summer could loosely correlate with DYT 2/4, whereas Soft Summer would be DYT 2/3.



Reasons to consider Soft Summer:
  • my eyes can look soft, can appear teal
  • 3 traits I have are getting things done very quickly, being intense, sometimes pushy or demanding
Lora Alexander recently blogged, Two Types of Summers
Here's my Soft Summer lip drape:


Jeanine Byers said...

Your eyes are SOOOO soft! I would say that's the biggest reason to reconsider, plus I think your coloring is soft. And you just might be one of those Katie Holmes types, Lora's "velvety" soft summers.

The good news? They need richer color! :)

I like your lip drape!

Jane said...

Thanks, Jeanine! I was just reading how Lora Alexander says the softs can stretch into other seasons, by dyeing their hair, etc. etc. I'm still perculating this idea... Jane